PPD is an innovative Danish company, serving the defence industry and specializing in the development and production of lightweight packaging solutions for military transportation, handling and storage of hazardous, high valuable and fragile goods according to military requirements.


PPD is active within two main areas:


Ammunition boxes, Lightweight plastic boxes/cases /containers for:

• Ammunition (small, medium and large-arms)

• Hunting

• Fishing

• General Outdoor Purposes

• Pyrotechnics

• Explosives

• Countermeasures, Flares, etc…

• Weapons, etc…


Packaging solutions for Transportation, Handling and Storage of:

• Electronics

• IT equipment

• EO equipment

• Radar systems

•  Spare parts

• Mechanical parts

• Aerospace parts, etc.


All products are tested according to relevant environmental standards such as, but not limited to: MIL-STD, STANAG / MOPI, DEF-STAN and the UN ADR convention.





PPD Network and Ethics:


At PPD we take both national and international co-operation with the defence industry seriously. We support the defence industry interests with our membership of the two Danish Defence Associations, FAD and CenSec, The membership of the European Defence Organisation ASD and our membership of DI (Confederation of Danish Industry).

PPD believes that the Defence industry must operate under the highest ethical standards and has therefor signed up to the “Global Principles of Business Ethics” for the Aerospace and Defence Industry.


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