30,5x15,5x19 cm


• Strong and comfortable top and front handles – the case is easy to handle, even if it is heavy and filled with ammunition.

• Weight: 765 grams

• Waterproof / Airtight

• UN approved for transportation of hazardous goods / ammunition

• Tested by the Armed Forces in temperatures ranging from -54°C  to 71°C

• Perfect for all types of handheld weapons ammunition, rifle ammunition, shotgun ammunition, pistol ammunition and much more.

• LWAC can be secured with a wire lock.

• LWAC is an ammunition box developed for the army, and may be used during combat and under extreme weather conditions.

• LWAC fits perfectly into a .50 caliber weapons station. (12,7 mm)

• Foam is optional and can be used for customising a personal storage box for e.g. pistols, binoculars, sights, special ammunition or other accessories.

• Belts with a shoulder strap kan be purchased as an accessory to the LWAC, so the ammunition box can be carried over the shoulder and helps keep both hands free. It is also particularly useful for when one is headed for a post or a Hochsitz.

• TSA approved combination locks can be purchased as an accessory and is particularly suitable for when ammunition is stored in a car, or when ammunition and weapons are being transported by plane.

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