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Brigadier (retd.) Peter Kølby Pedersen

Brigadier Peter Koelby Pedersen was born in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1958.

Brigadier Pedersen was drafted in 1978 to the Zealand Logistics Regiment, and attended the Royal Danish Military Academy during the period 1982 to 1986. Additional subsequent military education includes advanced Troop Leading Procedure and Staff Courses in Denmark, NATO Logistic Course in Germany, and International Humanitarian Law Course in Italy. After graduating from the Royal Danish Military Academy the Brigadier has held a number of different positions in the Zealand Logistic Regiment and Battalion.

  • Served as Staff Officer for both the Planning Section and the Personnel Section of the Danish Defence Staff
  • Taught Logistics (Land Operations) at the Danish Defence Academy
  • Served as Joint Operation Centre Director in KFOR, commander of the Danish Battalion UNMEE (DANCON) and as Sector Humanitarian Officer UNFICYP (DANCON)
  • Inspector General and the Deputy National Armament Director at the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization
  • Chairman of the Nordic Armament Corporation
  • Chairman of the NATO Precision Guided Munition programme

Brigadier Pedersen has travelled extensively to international operations all over the world. The Brigadier has a large number of representative duties and is therefore well acquainted with many national and international representatives from both civilian and military sectors.


Brigadier Pedersen has been awarded several decorations including the Honours Medal for Excellent Service in the Army and the Commanders Cross of the Order of Dannebrog of the 1stDegree.

In private

Brigadier Pedersen lives in Copenhagen with his wife and two daughters. Off-duty interests include hunting, single malt, and good red wine.

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