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About PlastPack Defence, PPD

PPD is an innovative Danish company, serving the defence industry and specializing in the development and production of lightweight packaging solutions for military transportation, handling and storage of hazardous, high valuable and fragile goods according to military requirements.

The LWAC®. Patented designs and special developed raw-material resins is what made it all possible. It is the logistical and tactical Light Weight Ammunition Cases for the future. Ammunition (small, medium and large-arms), pyrotechnics, explosives, countermeasures, flares, weapons and other dangerous goods can now be placed and transported safer and cheaper.

Moving away from the aging steel M2A1 to a polymer LWAC M2A1 is only a question of changing supplier. The design is a on-to-one drop in replacement, ensuring that all existing equipment using the ammo can, stays the same.

07Sep 17

2017-09-07 Military Systems Technology

PPD to develop new PA-120 LWAC® for insensitive munition together with Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH The constant effort to optimize the logistical and tactical storage of ammunition continues with the…

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