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2015-09-16 – Janes, LWAC is lighter to carry

LWAC is lighter to carry [DSEI15, D2]

Denmark’s PlastPack Defence (PPD, Stand S7-261) is displaying its new, UN-approved lightweight small arms ammunition case.

Using PPD-developed composite materials and design innovation, the Lightweight Ammunition Case (LWAC) solution delivers a 70 per cent reduction in weight over a standard NATO ammunition case, and increases the number of rounds that can be carried on a standard NATO pallet by 10 per cent.

The LWAC can be safely packed and stowed with no requirement for modification to platforms, stowage systems or weapon mounts. Different colours can be incorporated into the composite LWAC case to distinguish different ammunition use types. The LWAC cases can also be manufactured in a transparent composite, with a coloured pigment, to allow the user to count the number of rounds inside without the need to open the case.

A radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag can also be integrated with the case to track the case and its contents from the LWAC’s point of production to the moment it comes out of service.

The LWAC solution is currently being evaluated by Denmark, Norway, Singapore, the UAE, the UK and the US.

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