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The day to day management of PlastPack Defence is carried out by CEO and shareholder, Jan Engmann and COO and shareholder, Jørgen Dahl. Their combined expertise within packaging and defence extends more than 60years. Having worked together in other companies previously, the two senior managers knows each others strengths and weaknesses like the back of their hands.

The board and shareholder constellation is further optimised by individuals whom have great experience from defence related products, design and product development, manufacturing and engineering. The shared know-how and experience brings a unique set of skills to the companys product development, idea creation and management.

Being global

From the very beginning, is has been a requirement that the company must be on a global scale. Hence, partnership with the most experienced companies within the defence industry has been carefully selected to work with PlastPack Defence. These partnerships has already brought PlastPack Defence, to a unique status example of what is physically possible within polymer packaging for ammunition, throughout the world.

At the moment, PlastPack Defence is serving customers in the Denmark, United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Poland and many more.

Company information

Address: Thorsvej 6, 4100 Ringsted, Denmark

EU-VAT: DK-34203539
Phone: +45 5537 2762

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