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Light Weight Ammunition Cases for which benefits tactical and logistical purposes

PPD´s innovative Light Weight Ammunition Cases (LWAC®) is based on PPD´s patented design ideas and specially developed raw-material resins. PPD Light Weight Ammunition Cases (LWAC®) is designed as a full drop-in replacement to existing systems, and is certified according to all military requirements and standards. The development and design has been performed in close co-operation with end-users and the ammunition industry


Improved security in e.g. fuel convoys

Between 2001 and 2007, more than 3,000 US soldiers and contractors lost their lives or were wounded during attacks on fuel supply convoys in Afghanistan and Iraq – Army Environmental Police Institute

A 10% reduction in fuel consumption over 5 years could lead to 35 fewer fuel-related resupply casualties over the same period.

Read the reports here: Deloitte 2009 and Army Technology

Improved range in e.g. vehicle operations

A PIRANHA5 drives 2,6km/l and has an operational range of 780km. Changing 100 steel ammo boxes on board to LWAC® saves 163kg.

  • Converting the savings in to extra fuel, adds +450km
  • Or 10 more cases of ammunition .50 linked

Improved operational capability in e.g. Rotary operations

US Marine Corps 2015, studied the effect of weight reducing ammunition – findings was: “If packed in a LWAC® the total flying time increases with 30-45min.

Logistical and economical optimisation in e.g. Hercules C-130

In 2010, the Danish Armed Forces shipped 85.000 M2A1 to Afghanistan. If 85.000 cans were shipped in LWAC® it would have saved 140 tons of airfreight, equaling to savings of €1.140.000,-.

PPD has highlighted the savings below in shipping cost alone from Denmark to  Afghanistan, we have not calculated the entire TCO in this example, which would increase the savings. We have chosen the standard rates at 9-21€ pr. kg to ship.

Shipping cost Steel M2A1

  • 2,5kg (weight of box)
  • 22,5€ (weight x minimum cost)
  • Total shipping cost “steel”: (85.000 x 22,5 = 1.912.500)

Shipping cost LWAC(R) M2A1

  • 0,7kg (weight of box)
  • 6,5€ (weight x minimum cost)
  • Total shipping cost LWAC: (85.000 x 6,5 = 552.500)

Savings (Steel – LWAC = 1.360.000€)

The savings which the LWAC presents, equals to 16€ per M2A1. On the side of this, comes the capability to ship more ammunition at once, while being below the ammunition shipping weight limits, reduction in CO2, improved ergonomics for the soldier, increased range on vehicles and transporters and many other examples. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) greatly improves with the usage of the LWAC.

Total Cost of Ownership

The price of ammunition is more than just the bullet. Packaging, shipping, handling, storage, moving to and from training and many other factors must be included.

PPD is able to help you optimise in all of these area’s based on experience from manufactures across the world and a unique experience skillset from both civil and defence.

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